DHT Training Solutions Blog - February 2019

DHT Training Solutions Supporting our Armed Forces

Here at Dave Hughes Driver Training we love to support our local community, which is why our new entitative looks out for those in the Armed Forces that are currently resettling…

Being based at Goose Pool House we have lots of respect for our Armed Forces which is why we have put together this new scheme to help those resettling, get back on the road and out earning money.

If you already have your truck licences, then this is the perfect offer for you. We are offering

- Module 2 CPC

- Module 4 CPC Practical

- 2 Hour Refresher Training in our trucks

This training is then followed up by a guaranteed job interview! It’s just one of the ways we stand out from our competition…

If you would like more information, please call 01325 238038 or visit: www.dhdt.co.uk

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