Category C1 / 7.5 Tonnes / Ambulance / Horsebox

Category C1 / 7.5 Tonnes / Ambulance / Horsebox

Category C1 Licence (7.5 Tonne)

The Category C1 driving licence allows people to drive vehicles upto 7.5 tonnes, towing a trailer upto 750 Kgs. If you want to tow a trailer over 750 Kgs then you will need to obtain your Category C1E licence.

Who Needs a Category C1 Licence

This licence is often used by people who are wanting to become a paramedic or ambulance driver. DHT Training Solutions are a leading provider of ambulance / paramedic driver training throughout the Northeast. The Category C1 licence is also used by people who are employed as Courier’s or by those who want to drive horsebox.

Category C1 Exemptions

If you passed your car (Category B) licence before the 1st January 1997 you should automatically have this entitlement on your licence, this is referred to as acquired / grandfather rights. However, if you obtained your licence after this date then you DHT Training Solutions can provide you with the necessary training to obtain this licence.


In order to attend this course you will need to be a minimum of 18 years old and hold a full Category B (Car) licence.

The first step will be obtain your provisional licence. In order to do this, you will need to have a medical and send a completed D2 and a D4 Medical Form (download here) application form to the DVLA. Our staff will arrange this for you. Once you have received your licence back then then we will book multiple choice and hazard perception tests. We can even arrange to provide you with revision material if required! If you are struggling with any part of your revision our staff are always on hand to explain things to you.

Why Choose DHT Training Solutions?

Our Driving Instructors are the best and most experienced in the area and our aim is to provide you with such a good service that you will recommend us to your family and friends. DHT Training Solutions have their own off-road reversing area and can replicate the conditions you will face during your driving test. Our Category C1 training is provided in a Manual vehicle, ensuring that you will have no restrictions on your licence. Please be careful as some training providers provide training in automatic vehicles, meaning that you can only driver automatic Category C1 vehicles (it is different for Category C!)

Our training generally takes place over 5 days, on a 2:1 ratio, but we are totally flexible and can arrange training over a shorter duration on a 1:1 basis if required.

During the course we will cover the following:

  • Vehicle familiarisation, ensuring your (and ours!) safety when you go onto the Public road.
  • Vehicle Safety Checks
  • Moving away safely
  • Hill starts
  • Controlled stopping
  • Independent driving
  • Reversing exercise
  • Mock driving tests on test routes you might face on your actual test
  • “Show me, tell me” questions
Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to book this course!

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