DHT Training Solutions Blog - December 2018

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter!

No matter what vehicle you are driving this winter period, it’s always important to make sure you carry out the correct checks. Did you know that in winter you are 20% more likely to be involved in an accident due to the adverse and road conditions?

Check Your Battery

During winter the cold temperatures can have a major effect on your battery, reducing the output. So, before the cold snap truly hits, now is the perfect time to get your battery checked and replaced if needs be. They say the average life span of a battery is around 5 years so bare this in mind.

Assess Your Tyres

We all know that you need to have at least 1.6mm of tread on your car tyres for them to be legal and 1.0mm on an LGV. However are your tyres designed for the winter weather? This specially applies to LGV’s and large vans as the wrong tyres could cause accidents. It’s important to check your tyres and the type of tyres that are suitable for your vehicle.

Check Your Antifreeze or Coolant

Temperatures can drop to minus figures during the winter and the last thing you want is your cooling system freezing. That’s why you must test the effectiveness of your antifreeze and top it up if required.

Make Sure All Your Lights Are Working

Dark mornings and nights mean your lights get the most use all year. Before winter kicks in it does no harm to check your lights for any loss in brightness or even if any are out. Make sure to look at brake lights and your reverse light. It may also be wise to check your high density lights (fog lamps).

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