Introducing Our New Payment Scheme Plan

Introducing Our New Payment Scheme Plan

At Dave Hughes Driver Training we are proud and excited to unveil our brand-new payment scheme plan. We are offering this new payment plan to make training more accessible, so that more people are able to obtain a professional driving licence or an upgrade on their current licence. Below we will explain some of the best things about this new exciting scheme.

Get Training Straight Away

For anyone looking to obtain their license quickly, this is the perfect option. You will not need to save up in order to pay one lump sum. Instead you will be put on a payment scheme over a number of months. As soon as your deposit is paid, we will guide you through the options and you can get started with your training in no time.

Tailored to every individual need

We are completely aware and understanding of the fact that different people find themselves in varying financial situations. That is why we will ensure you are offered bespoke packages and plans to suit your individual needs, making the process as stress free as possible. Payment schemes are usually either 3, 6, 9, 10 or 12 months of payments direct to our business, with no brokers involved.

Training Package

The package that we offer as part of this plan will include all the training needed, along with a fair shot at each of the required parts of the test. This includes your Medical, then 1 attempt each for your Theory, Hazard, and the Initial Driver CPC with 1 attempt of the DVSA practical test. If at any point you fail any part of the training process, you will need to pay for your resist(s) as an additional charge. This can be paid direct to us or we can even further adjust your payment plan to accommodate this extra cost.

If you are interested in finding out more about our new payment scheme plan, you can contact us by calling 03338 80 25 80 or visit

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