Minibus Training

D1 Minibus Test + D1E Minibus & Trailer Test

These are some ideas and write up on the rules and regulations of the D1 process and who needs to take the D1 test:

  • Obtaining D1 by test is required for drivers who passed a car test after January 1997 and is ESSENITAL when driving a Minibus for Hire & Reward (Minibus or Limousine with more than 8 passengers)
  • Our Ford Transit, 17 seats, 6.5 meters, with tachograph, highly manoeuvrable power assisted steering, car like hydraulic ABS brakes, excellent all round visibility, comfortable driving position & easy to use controls, regularly maintained to a high standard at manufacturers approved facilities to meet DVSA Test Vehicle requirements.
  • There are some exceptions, e.g. volunteers age 21+ driving a small minibus in Not for Profit organisations.  But in most cases DVLA considers drivers of minibuses used for public transport are not exempt.

This is a quick guide on how to get the D1 license in 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Medical required and then have the Provisional entitlement on your licence and then start to Study Material for your Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception Theory Tests.

Step 2

Arrange your DVSA theory tests. Check the DVSA Website.

Step 3

Driver Training Course followed by DVSA official Driving Test.

Step 4

For drivers using it for 'Hire & Reward' a DVSA Driver CPC card will be required. Especially if going to be a bus / coach driver cat D licence.

Towing a trailer with a minibus

Known as D1E, Minibus and Trailer for that extra luggage bags, equipment like canoes, kayaks, tents, golf equipment and camping gear for an event or holiday?

Everyone, even volunteers, must pass D1 before gaining D1+E

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