During the winter months, we all naturally take extra precautions when driving. However, in summer it is just as important to carry out basic vehicle checks and planning. We are going to provide you with some of our top tips for diving through the warmer months.


Basic Checks

Whether you drive a lorry, bus or car, it is crucial that you carry out the necessary checks on your vehicle to make sure it is safe before any journey, short or long. Basic checks such as looking at the coolant, oil and screen wash can be the difference between you breaking down and a safe journey. To take further precautions, especially before a long-distance journey, we would recommend you check your tyres for tread and pressure as well as fuel too. Did you know that running out of fuel is one of the most common causes of breakdown on UK motorways?


Hot Wheels

In the summer months, travelling doesn’t stop for those who are working. It goes without saying when it is warm that being stuck in a car, lorry or bus isn’t pleasant and the longer the sun is beaming the hotter the tarmac gets on the road. It is important when traveling long distance that you take regular breaks to allow the wheels of your vehicle to cool down as if they overheat there is the possibility that they can blow out, resulting in a longer journey for you.


Planning Your Journey

If you are traveling daily or just on a weekend, it is important to plan your route so that you can make sure that you know where traffic might be heavy or where you need to take breaks before your tachograph runs out. If you are a haulage driver, checking traffic updates is crucial to you as you must work to tight deadlines.

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