Preparations for Reopening DHT Training Solutions

Preparations for Reopening DHT Training Solutions

Even though our driver training academy might not be back open yet, we are starting to make precautions and planning for when it is safe to do so. In this blog we discuss our safety procedures and exciting new plans.

Keeping Covid Compliant

Ensuring both our staff and trainees are safe is our main priority when we return. That’s why we are already looking at safety procedures to put in place. These include having all of our training vehicles deep cleaned and disinfected to not only make sure they are totally safe but to also adhere to government regulations.

We will also have new procedures in place regarding training courses and social distancing that will again comply with regulations.

Looking Ahead To The Future

During lockdown the DHT Training Solutions team have also been making exciting plans for the future. We now have 2 new training vehicles that will be fully operational for when we return. This allows us to increase our course availability. Plus, we will also be expanding our offering with the introduction of ADR training.

For more information on booking your next course after lockdown please call us on 01325 238038 or visit:

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