Dave Hughes Driver Training Blog - August 2017

Providing the Perfect Fleet Training

Here at Dave Hughes Driver Training, we have many years’ experience working alongside businesses far and wide assisting with their Fleet Training. We offer a wide range of Training Courses to match your requirements.

Fleet Driver Training is often overlooked, but can be an important business investment as it dramatically improves the quality of your drivers. Did you know more injuries are suffered due to work related road accidents than work place incidents?

Minibus Training

In order for your employees to drive a Minibus they must first obtain their D1 licence, this is an essential process before driving any Minibuses for hire. We offer a full training course in which we will help any of your employees achieve their D1 licence. If you are looking to take the training further, we also offer D1E courses which mean staff can now drive a minibus whilst towing a trailer, this is perfect for carrying extra equipment on long journeys.

Fuel Efficient Driving

Saving your business money is always important, that’s why we offer a Fuel-Efficient Driving service. We will look into Eco Driving which can dramatically improve fuel efficiency. This course is specifically designed for companies that have many vehicles being used at one time. The course is both theoretical and practical to ensure a full understanding.

Train the Trainer

This is one of the most popular fleet courses we offer, mainly because it is a huge benefit to businesses. The course involves training in-house drivers to becoming driving assessors themselves. This means that you no longer have to out-source training but it can all be completed within your company. This again is great for larger companies that has a large fleet. The course is always bespoke to the individual needs of the customer, so we can match your specifications. Training will be completed practically and theoretically including full classroom training to ensure full capability.

With our knowledge and experience we can help your business to gain confidence and growth. So, talk to us today about your Driver Training needs, for information or any questions you may have please call Dave on 01325 238038 or 01642 989048. Alternatively, you can take a look at our website for details on all of our services, visit: www.dhdt.co.uk.

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